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25th January 2021 

..... and Therapy

Counselling and Therapy offer you your own dedicated time and a dedicated safe space to talk about things that are troubling you.
I offer a non-judgemental atmosphere and attitude-and that you will be properly heard.
I will not try to "fix" you, or make you 'think-positive'.
I will be with you- "along-side' you, exactly as you are.....

What Conditions Can Counselling and Therapy Help with?
Counselling and Therapy can help with anything that brings confusion or distress; feelings of being alone and unheard; squeezed, oppressed or neglected.
It can provide safety to express how you really feel, and are, whether those feelings are shameful, unwelcome in you, or unwelcome in your life.
In this way, and with the acceptance and expression of those feelings, conditions such as depression and low mood; anxiety and panic can be addressed (along with much more!)
Grief struggles to find a place in our busy lives. There can be pressure to 'move-on' and 'be grateful for what you had and still have'. Counselling will allow you to grieve your losses however recent or distant.

What Benefits can be Expected?
A feeling of 'fresh air' and expansion
Of the right to be heard and to be who you are.
The feeling that you are not alone.

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